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Kushindokai Karate

Kushindokai Karate Students Donate $6914

Kushindokai Karate Students Kick for DCAFS, Raise $6,914 On Saturday, June 11th Kushindokai Karate and Fitness held their third annual Kick-a-Thon charity fundraiser, raising $6,914.00 for Dufferin Child & Family Services (DCAFS) Dufferin Children’s Fund. Over the two hour event 50 students and instructors performed 81, 531 kicks. “Today was a huge success. It was […]

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DCAFS building

In the wake of the recent events in Orlando, DCAFS would like to extend our sincere condolences to all those impacted by such intense acts of violence. Events like this remind us all of the ongoing need to support one another in feeling safe to be ourselves in our communities. Please feel free to call […]

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Thank You Kushindokai Karate and Fitness

  Kushindokai Karate held their 3rd annual kick-a-thon on Saturday July 11 and raised over $6800 for the Dufferin Children’s Fund.  Thank You Kushindokai Karate!  

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