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Kushindokai Karate Students Kick In Over $8000 for the Dufferin Children’s Fund

On Saturday, June 9th Kushindokai Karate and Fitness held their fifth annual Kick-a-Thon charity fundraiser, raising $8,050.00 for the Dufferin Children’s Fund. Over the two and a half hour event 54 students and instructors performed 98,915 kicks.

“We are so very pleased and honoured to have received this significant donation from Kushindokai Karate and Fitness,” says Jennifer Moore, Executive Director of DCAFS. “Money donated to the Dufferin Children’s Fund is used to support local children, youth and families receiving service from DCAFS in the areas of youth futures, social growth and development and health & wellness. The funds raised through this initiative will make a significant difference in our community – whether it be through supporting post-secondary education, paying for therapeutic interventions such as art therapy, purchasing special needs assistive devices or sending someone to camp for example – the generosity of those who supported this initiative will hold significant meaning for people in our community.”


In collaboration with Adopt4Life, the University of Western Ontario has created a Parental Leave Survey “Time to Attach” for all Canadians who have grown their families through; adoption, kin and customary care, please see information below.





We are looking for adopt ready, adoptive, customary care and kin parents to take part in a study about parental leave benefits, even if you have not benefited from it.

As an adoptive, customary care and/or kin parent, your perspective is extremely important as we investigate whether the EI benefit system best addresses the needs of these parents and their children.

If you are interested and agree to participate, then you will be asked to fill out a short on-line survey. You indicate your voluntary agreement to participate by responding to the survey. Your participation is also anonymous.


The survey can be found at


For more information or to volunteer for this study please contact:

Carolyn McLeod, PhD

Western University

519-661-2111, extension 85877


Building Better Tomorrows – Thank You!

Building Better Tomorrows with Michael “Pinball” Clemons was a huge success! Thank you to our sponsors, donors, vendors and community members who attended the event to help raise funds to assist children, youth and families living in Dufferin County. Your support and commitment is greatly appreciated!