Our Early Years Programs offer a range of early intervention and support services for infants, young children (0-12yrs) and their caregivers.  We believe that prevention and early identification for children in need of additional supports, contribute to healthy development and improve outcomes.  We support children in their natural environments (home/child care settings) to ensure that any plans and interventions are routines-based and centered on each child and family’s strengths and needs

iCAN (Inclusion for Children with Additional Needs)

Our iCAN (Inclusion for Children with Additional Needs) program provides special needs resourcing support and consultation to licensed childcare providers in Dufferin County to help meet the needs of children with additional needs (up to 12yrs).

We support the inclusion of all children with additional needs in any area of their development (cognitive, physical, social-emotional, behavioural) to help them learn and grow to their best and fullest potential, and be able to participate fully in their daily activities, routines and programs.  We offer information & resources, and help connect families to other community resources if and when needed.  Consultation may include observations and program plans for individual children; coaching and capacity building with childcare staff; system level consultation or customized workshops on specific topics.

Infant and Child Development Program (ICDP)

Our Infant and Child Development Program (ICDP) offers family-centred support and early intervention to infants and children (birth to school entry) who are presenting with, or who are at risk for developmental delays, diagnosis, or disability.  This home visiting service includes developmental consultation; screening and assessment; caregiver support and community referrals.  A variety of developmental screening tools and questionnaires are used to assist with early identification and developmental monitoring.  We work together with families and other professionals to identify goals and create an individualized plan to meet these goals.  The program also provides transition to school support and will offer group information and education sessions in community-based settings on specific topics.