For More Information or Complaints

We encourage you to contact your worker with any questions or concerns you might have about our information practices. 

If your privacy questions have not been answered or issues not resolved to your satisfaction, you may wish to make a formal privacy complaint to us. View our Complaints Resolution Process for Service Recipients or ask us for a copy.

If, after contacting us, you feel that your concerns have not been addressed to your satisfaction, you have the right to complain to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario is responsible for making sure that privacy laws are followed in Ontario. 

The Commissioner can be reached at:

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

2 Bloor Street East, Suite 1400, Toronto, Ontario M4W 1A8

Phone: 416-326-3333 or 1-800-387-0073 TDD/TTY: 416-325-7539  

E-mail[email protected]

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