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Summer !NC Program

The Summer !NC program supports children (0-12yrs) with various additional needs so that they can fully participate in camp, and have a fun, safe and successful camp experience. We believe that everyone benefits from inclusion!

Our inclusion counsellors work with camp staff to adapt the environment, modify programming, and promote inclusion for campers of all abilities.  While we recognize that we may not be able to meet the needs of all children, our goal is to provide a positive camp experience for all children.

When one-on-one support is determined as necessary, we will develop an individual plan to support the child and camp staff to meet the child’s needs.  Individual support is limited to two weeks; however, families can provide their own individual support person to assist at camp.



Our inclusion counsellors believe that:

  • Children have different ways of learning and participating; and we respect those differences.
  • Inclusion begins with an attitude and approach – it not a place or program.
  • Inclusion should guide all camp planning and programming, regardless of the activity being offered.
  • Inclusion means there is an opportunity for every camper to participate and excel in every activity.
  • All children will benefit from inclusion. Everyone feels like they belong when we anticipate differences and plan for inclusion.
  • We can maximize camper’s independence by focusing on their abilities and assuming that they can do things for themselves rather than that they cannot.

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“It’s not about adding people in after the fact. It’s about planning for differences up front.”

Dr. Laura Eisenman, Associate Professor, School of Education, University of Delaware