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Parent Workshops

November 1, 2018

Dufferin Child and Family Services is offering a number of parenting workshops from November to December 2019.

Calendar of Workshops 2018-2019:Parent Workshops-2018-2019.doc

Description of Workshops:

Understanding Behaviour:

In this workshop you will learn how to define behaviour, including examples of appropriate and challenging behaviour. You will learn how to apply the Antecedent-Behaviour-Consequence (A-B-C) Model, looking at the different functions of behaviour and general teaching strategies.

Reinforcement 101:

Reinforcement is a key principle of Applied Behaviour Analysis. You will learn to distinguish between negative and positive reinforcement, identify possible reinforcers for your child and how to fade the reinforcers.

Steps to Positive Change:

Once you understand why your child behaves in certain ways, you may wonder what to do next. In this workshop you will learn what happens before an undesired behaviour occurs, what to do after the behaviour occurs and how to set goals to change the behaviour. We will share strategies you can use to teach your child replacement behaviours.

Understanding and Managing Anxiety:

Discover and discuss causes of anxiety in children and its effect on families. Learn strategies and coping skills to help your child manage his/her anxiety.

Developing Independent Daily Living Skills for Children:

In this workshop you will learn to use Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) strategies to teach your child daily living skills. These skills include getting dressed and personal hygiene. The strategies you will learn include prompting, chaining and shaping.

Understanding the Principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis: It really does work!

In this workshop you will learn general facts about Applied Behavioural Analysis. We will include evidence-based strategies that you can use as you teach your child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. These strategies include defining behaviours, reinforcement, task analysis, and prompting.

Sleep Solutions:

This workshop shares information on common sleep challenges in children, and provides practical sleep strategies to help you and your child sleep better

One Bite at a Time:

This workshop is aimed at helping parents in developing strategies to address eating challenges their children may have.

Toileting Skill Development:

This workshop will focus on strategies to help you and your child during the development of skills necessary to become toilet trained.

The Nuts and Bolts of Using Visual Strategies: 

This workshop is designed to develop an understanding of the use of visual supports to teach independence as well as how to create the visual supports.


To register, please contact Stephanie Collarossi at 519-941-1530 #295

All workshops will be held at Dufferin Child and Family Services, 655 Riddell Road, Orangeville, ON   L9W 2Z5