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October is Child Abuse Prevention Month

October 2, 2017

Purple Flags in Honour of Children and Youth…

Through the month of October, there will be purple flags on the front lawn of Dufferin Child and Family Services.  Why are they there and what do they signify?

October is Child Abuse Prevention Month and the flags represent children and youth in Dufferin County who have received help from Child Protection. The flags also remind us, as individuals and as a community, to speak up for kids.

We all know that child abuse and neglect exists in Ontario. What we don’t always know is what we can do about it. The answer is simple. We all have a role to play in keeping kids and families safe. While every day, all year long, there is a need for us as community members to act upon questions we have about the safety and well-being of a child, Child Abuse Prevention Month is a perfect time to reflect further on what we can do to help keep children and youth safe.

“No matter who we are, what we do or where we live we have a responsibility to help. It’s not only the law in Ontario, it’s the right thing to do. Your call could be the most important call in a child’s life,” Kimberley Evans, Director of Service, Child Protection.

It takes a village to raise a child.  Support for children, youth and families is available through a variety of programs at Dufferin Child and Family Services, including our Child Protection Service. As a community, we need to be aware of families who are struggling to keep their children safe and healthy; and help them.

If you see a family who needs help keeping their kids safe, help them by contacting us. We work with families to build on their strengths and plan together as to how we can reduce risks. You can contact Dufferin Child and Family Services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at 519-941-1530.  Speak up for kids.