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Foundational Family Services Web Resources

The external resource links are provided for informational purposes only. DCAFS is not responsible for the content, privacy policies and terms of use of websites to which we link. The websites listed are not a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment, provided by a qualified health-care provider.



 Autism Ontario

What is Autism? – Autism Speaks Canada

Autism Tips and Resources | Marcus Autism Center

The Autism Parent Resource Kit

Autism Awareness Centre Inc.


The Hanen Centre | Speech and Language Development for Children

Communication tips: The Hanen Centre (nonverbal, beginner and sentences) 

Teach me to talk

Build Communication: The Hanen Centre

Everyday Routines to Promote Language: The Hanen Centre

How to Build a Strong Foundation for Child’s Language, The Hanen Centre

Help Child with Nonverbal Autism Speak: Autism speaks

Autism Tool Kit

Daily Living Skills

Do2Learn: Educational Resources for Special Needs

Functional Life Skills: learning for a purpose

Life Skills: Autism Speaks 

Toilet training guide: Autism Speaks 

Toilet training tool kit: Milestones Autism Resources

Toileting guide: National Autistic Society


Do2Learn: Educational Resources for Special Needs



Teaching Kids With Autism About Emotions and Self-Regulation

The Incredible 5 Point Scale

How to Improve Emotional Self-Regulation Among Children with Autism and Attention Disorders

Indiana Resource Center for Autism – Behaviour Emotions

How Can We Help Kids With Transitions


Social Skills

Do2Learn: Educational Resources for Special Needs

Autism Apps, Autism Software, Autism DVDs 



Transition Time: Helping Individuals on the Autism Spectrum Move Successfully from One Activity to Another

Transition Planning Milestones for Youth with Autism

Transition to Adulthood for Students with ASD

Transition to Adulthood for Individuals with Autism


Other Teaching Resources


ABA Educational Resources

Speech Therapy Worksheets and Forms 

Autism Apps | Autism Software | Autism DVDs 

Autism Products & Autism Teaching Tools


Visual supports

Behavior and Emotions

Visual Supports and Autism Spectrum Disorders


What is ABA?

What the Heck is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Resources for Children with Autism During COVID-19 – How to ABA

ABC’s of ABA (

New Parent Packet