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Parent Training and Education

How to get started:

Call 519-941-1530 ext 423 to set up your free phone consultation. You will speak to a DCAFS Ontario Autism Program (OAP) representative who can help your family navigate which of our OAP services are most suited for your child and youth.

We believe that you are your child’s most valuable resource who has the most influence on the development of your child. You are the experts  with the most in-depth knowledge about your child’s strengths, needs, preferences, and learning history. Your family is unique with your own goals, values, daily and weekly family routines, and social support resources.

We will customize your parent education and training to build on your existing strengths  and skills by providing two consultations and one group workshop with a clinician. Knowledge of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) will be helpful to further your understanding and ensure that you are getting the most out of these sessions.

  • Foundations of ABA: This workshop is to provide an understanding of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA). It is a three hour workshop.
  • Why they do what they do: This workshop is to assist in understanding why behaviours occur and how to use reinforcement to support and reinforce skill development
  • Sleep Training: This workshop is to identify potential problems with your child’s current sleep routines, and establish and introduce a new sleep routine. You will be provided with several options so you can choose the the approach you feel most comfortable with.
  • Toilet training: From sitting on the toilet to independent use of a public washroom, the strategies presented in this workshop, will help you break down the complex task of teaching individuals independent toileting skills.
  • Introducing new foods into your child’s diet: In this workshop we review common feeding issues and factors that influence them. We will discuss ways to increase your child’s willingness to try new foods.
  • Teaching functional life skills: Learn how to increase your child’s independence in skills such as personal hygiene, independence in routines with chores and more.
  • ASD and the family: This is designed as an introductory workshop for families with children diagnosed with Autism. The session will focus on helping parents and others to better understand Autism. and learn about effective and evidence based treatment for individuals with the diagnosis.
  • Getting ready for school: Learn how to support your child during transitions back to school. Topics include routines and expectations as your child enters the school for the first time or continuing at their school.
  • Using visual supports: During this two part session you will learn how visual supports can be used. After attending the workshop you will meet with a consultant to customize and prepare up to four visual supports for the goals you identify.
  • Anxiety and ASD: Learn how to better understand your child’s fears and anxiety and learn how to help your child identify when they are feeling anxious. You will be given take home exercises to teach coping skills to your child.