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Functional Analysis

How to get started: 

Call 519-941-1530 ext 381 to set up your free phone consultation. You will speak to a DCAFS Ontario Autism Program (OAP) representative who can help your family navigate which of our OAP services are most suited for your child and youth.

Comprehensive assessment to determine why behaviours are occurring so strategies can be implemented to decrease behaviours while replacing it with more appropriate behaviours.

  • Assessments are comprehensive and typically occurs in conjunction with the family and observation of the behaviour.
  • These assessments may occur over a single session or multiple sessions.
  • Each assessment is followed with a behaviour plan to decrease the behaviour.
  • Coaching and support  for family members with implementation of the plan is also available.

Strengths and Needs Assessment

  • Assessments are usually conducted in a structured setting, using a variety of assessment curriculums, to determine the child’s strengths and needs across multiple domains such as; Adaptive Living skills, Communications and Language, Play Skills, School Readiness, Group Skills, and Safety.
  • Following assessment a report outlining the strengths and needs with recommendations will be provided.
  • Each assessment is individualized, therefore, session times will vary accordingly.