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Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

How to get started: 

Call 519-941-1530 ext 381 to set up your free phone consultation. You will speak to a DCAFS Ontario Autism Program (OAP) representative who can help your family navigate which of our OAP services are most suited for your child and youth.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) : Services for children with Autism and/or additional needs.

Centre Based

  • Based on the principles of ABA.
  • Individualized to meet your child’s strengths and needs.
  • Comprehensive assessments at the start and every six months following.
  • Services available Monday to Friday across a variety of times and intensity in order to meet your child’s and family’s needs.
  • Skills targeted across many developmental domains such as: toileting, eating, motor skills development, and communication.
  • Group-based instructions throughout the day.
  • Social skills development.
  • Academic instruction using Direct Instruction methodology.
  • Treadmill for children with Autism and Apraxia (TAAP) combines motor work on a treadmill with visual/spatial exercises to develop and enhance motor skills.
  • Parent coaching to enhance generalization and development of skills using evidence-based parent coaching model.

Home Based

  • Based on the principles of ABA.
  • Individualized to your child and family needs.
  • Services available across a variety of times and intensity Monday to Friday.
  • Skills targeted across many developmental domains such as: toileting, eating, skills development, and communication.
  • Greater focus on enhancement of parent knowledge and use of ABA strategies in the home or community.

Group Based  Service Please check back for dates and times as a calendar will be posted with all groups in August for a September start. Groups are based at the centre with approximately 4-6 children. Specific skills are targeted for each group with assessment to determine your child’s strengths and needs.

  • Leggo Therapy: a program to increase collaboration, turn-taking, joint accomplishment, verbal/nonverbal communication in a group while playing and building Leggo.
  • Childhood Friendship Group: Children Friendship Training is an evidence based, parent assisted program developed to aid children to make and keep friends. In this group format program, children are taught social skills including learning how to play detective to find common interests, how to join a group of kids at play, how to be a good host during get together, how to be a good winner, how to be a good sport, how to make phone calls to friends and how to show respect to adults.
  • Drop-in Play Based Program: This program is meant to be just that,  have your child come and have fun with children with similar interest.
  • School Readiness Skills: Group based program to assist children in learning the foundation skills needed to be successful at school – remaining in circle, listening to the teacher, following instructions, completing assigned task.
  • Facing Your fears: Facing Your Fears (FYF) developed  by Judy Reaven, PH.D and Audrey Blakeley-Smith, PH.D, is a family-focused group intervention for children and adolescents with high functioning Autism and anxiety. This program consists of 14 weekly sessions, each lasting 1 1/2 hours, aimed at managing anxiety symptoms in your child/youth ages 7-14. Parents play a central role in the FVF interventions, and are encouraged to participate in dyad and group-based activities with their children and providing structure and support for facing fears at home. Parents are taught to reward their children’s courageous behaviour, to help their children recognize and regulate anxiety symptoms, and to model effective problem-solving and self regulating strategies to deal with anxiety.