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Infant and Child Development Program

This program is part of a continuum of Early Years prevention and early intervention to support families with infants and young children from birth to 6 years of age who have a developmental delay or are at risk of a developmental delay. Provides clinical support from a paediatric neuropsychologist and an occupational therapist.  Referrals must be made prior to age 5.

This is a family centred – holistic approach including but not exclusive to the following components:

  • Serve individuals from birth to 6 years of age
  • Nurturing the development of positive parent-child interactions
  • Connecting parents to the community including service co-ordination
  • Access and utilization of a wide variety of screens, questionnaires and assessment that incorporate active parental involvement
  • Evidence, researched based clinical intervention provided
  • Initial consults, monitoring, drop-in/home consults, home visiting
  • Preterm Care Pathways: based on the degree of prematurity at birth, medical complications, the delays/issues of the child and the family situation
  • Maintaining excellence in Best Practices