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Coordinated Service Planning

Coordinated Service Planning is a program serving individuals and families within Dufferin and Wellington Counties for children 0 – 18  and youth 18 – 21 who remain in school with multiple or complex needs.

Referrals from existing service providers or families can be made when service coordination goes beyond the scope of inter-professional collaboration. Service Planning Coordinators will develop, monitor, review and update a Coordinated Service Plan in collaboration with child, youth and family and relevant service providers

Goals of Coordinated Service Planning include:

  • Seamless and family-centered service experience
  • Supportive, proactive and responsive child, youth and family centered service 
  • Clearly identified staff for each family who will lead their service          

As a result of Coordinated Service Planning, children, youth and families will:

  • Have a clear point of contact
  • Not need to repeat their stories and goals
  • Have a single plan that is responsive to their goals, strengths and needs
  • Experience a family-centered process
  • Know that service providers will be in communication

To access, complete the Coordinated Service Plan (CSP) Referral and Consent Form below and fax to DCAFS Central Intake (519) 941-1525.

Once received, it will be reviewed and the referent will be contacted for next steps.

For more information about Coordinated Service Planning contact Andrea Wyshniowsky at 519-941-1503 x456.

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