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Service Coordination Program

Service Coordination Program Children Under 18 Years of Age

  • This program provides service coordination and support to any family or individual where the individual has been identified as having diagnosis of a developmental disability and/or autism.
  • For a developmental disability this specifically means a sub-average general intellectual functioning with an IQ at or below 70 (2nd percentile or lower) or a diagnosis of Austism Spectrum Disorder.
  • It is a family centered service which assesses, plans, coordinates and identifies the needs of the individual and the community programs, resources and supports they may be eligible to access.
  • Service is tailored to the individual and family circumstances. It is outcome focused with active participation by the family through service delivery.

Service Coordination Program for Adults 18 Years of Age and Over

  • Service Coordination is available for adults with a documented developmental disability.
  • Service Coordinators are respectful of the cultural diversity of individuals and families.
  • Service Coordinators are flexible, promote social inclusion, encourage individual choice, independence and rights.
  • Service Coordinators assist with future planning, help navigate through the adult service system and are responsive with active participation by the adult.
  • Service Coordinators provide linkages to services and offer a solution focused service and support with the adult/family.

Dufferin Wellington Coordinated Service Planning Referral Form

To be eligible for Ministry funded adult services, individuals must apply to Developmental Services Ontario (DSO). Service Coordinators can help direct individuals through this process.  The DSO website is

For assistance to access DSO Intake please call: DCAFS Central Intake 519-941-1530