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All children need families. Whether through birth, a relative such as an auntie or uncle, an adoptive or foster family, families come together in many different ways.

Dufferin Child & Family Services is looking for people who cherish being part of a family, enjoy building long-term relationships and are open to welcoming new members into their family through adoption, fostering or the foster-to-adopt program.

If you reside within Dufferin County, you have several options:

  1. Complete the fostering online inquiry if you are interested in fostering or the foster-to adopt program. Upon completion, you will be given the option to have an application package sent directly to your home, or, have a representative from Dufferin Child & Family Services contact you personally.
  2. Speak to an Agency Representative directly by calling 519-941-1530 regarding adoption, foster-to-adopt opportunities and fostering.

Kids don’t need perfection. They just need you!