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What Is Adoption?

Adoption is a legal and social process through which a child becomes a part of a new family. It is intended to provide the child with permanence and security and is a life long process that requires commitment, patience and skill.

The face of adoption has changed over the years to reflect changing patterns in our society. Not long ago, only babies were considered for adoption. Now, there are children, birth to sixteen years of age, being adopted in Ontario, including those with special needs. Adopting toddlers and older children is very different from adopting a newborn infant, because they may have experienced a great deal, and carry those experiences with them. Parents who adopt older children must be mature and flexible to meet their needs. They may also need to develop certain special skills and awareness, so the children feel comfortable as members of their new families.

Our Adoption Service is interested in working with families willing to adopt children over the age of two with special needs and those interested in sibling groups. Our agency works with a small number of families at a time due to limited resources. Families interested in applying for adoption can complete an application package but may be placed on a waiting list for assessment.  Information is also available on private adoption and resources related to the adoption process.