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Children Waiting For Adoption

Children who have been involved with the child welfare system, as a result of risk of physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse or neglectful environments, have “special needs” which differentiate them from other children. The physical, emotional, social and cognitive impact on a child who has experienced the trauma of abuse and separation from their family can be profound. Delays and difficulties in each of these areas of child development are often evident in abused children. For instance, a child may display attachment problems, behavioral difficulties, or significant learning delays.

Through Dufferin Child and Family Services, Child Protection Unit, you will participate in a process that allows for the best possible match of a child to your family. As we are a child protection agency, our mandate directs us to provide services in the best interest of the child. Therefore, we will strive to find the most suitable home for the child, rather than a child for the adopting parents. Our focus is not about finding a child for a family, but instead finding the most suitable family for each waiting child.

The process to adopt children in Ontario is governed under the Child and Family Services Act and authorized by the Ministry Of Community and Social Services and the Ministry of Children’s Services. The Child and Family Services Act (CFSA) outlines details regarding the legal process of adoption in the province. The intent of this legislation is to protect the rights of every party involved in an adoption.