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Dufferin Child and Family Services is an integrated children’s service agency, providing child protection services, children’s mental health services and developmental support services to children and families in Dufferin County.

Our agency has its roots in child welfare, going back to the early 1900’s when the child welfare movement spread from Toronto to other parts of Ontario. During the 1970’s we began a process to evolve into a more generic children’s agency and since have integrated most local children’s services into one single multi service agency. This service model works well here in Dufferin and has both simplified service access while strengthening service co-ordination. We work closely with local police, education and other health and social agencies.

Our web site is designed to provide general information about our services as well as to assist in our ongoing recruitment of foster and adoptive families, and volunteers as well as to advertise job opportunities when they become available.

We Value


  • We create a welcoming, inclusive and accessible environment
  • we value and celebrate diversity and uniqueness
  • we seek to understand and be knowledgeable about differences


  • we respond to others with understanding and empathy
  • we accept where people are and start there
  • we value the support of our colleagues and help each other


  • we speak and act openly and directly
  • we believe that people act with good intent
  • we strive for strengths-based, solution focused, least intrusive approaches


  • we share information, responsibility and leadership
  • we value the input of others and include our clients in decisions affecting their lives
  • we are committed and reliable partners in our community


  • we encourage critical thinking and creative solutions
  • we value on-going learning and implement best practices
  • we work in ways that are flexible, accommodation and adaptable


  • we take responsibility for our actions
  • we make every effort to be efficient and effective and achieve best outcomes
  • we use our human and financial resources responsibly

Policies related to accessibility of service are available upon request.

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